Hi, my name is Danny Nahlous as you probably figured out from the website, and ever since I could remember, I have loved to take photos. I was always caught with a camera in my hand, so one day, I decided to take this on, and make it my life

My goal as a photographer is to tell your stories and capture moments that go by so quickly. For me capturing a second in time in a photograph is the reason why I love what I do. When it comes to weddings I’m pretty non-traditional, and I don’t want your day to be a series of things you feel as though you have to do to please other people. I want your day to be about you and your story. I want to be your photographer but more importantly I want to be your friend. I never want a wedding day to feel like a business transaction.

When you look back at your photos 10, 20 years from now, what do you want to see? Do you want to see a super simple pose the photographer gave you to do so you could get nice pictures? OR, do you want that real love, the excitement that you shared before you got married, the joy and contentment you shared on your wedding day, the laughs, the tears, the sweat, ALL OF IT to look back on? I can tell you which one I prefer. I kid you not, having been married for 15 years, when I look back at my wedding photos, I'm reminded of the love that I share with my wife, Amanda. That's what I want for you. Timeless photos that will last for years and years, while still being in love and married for 60+ years.